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Below you will find some of my recent works in web development, print design, photography, digital advertising, and email marketing. If you have any questions, or would like to contact me, please use email contact@christophertierney.com
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Christopher Tierney
From simple one color business cards to video editing, I find it very important to be versatile as a designer in a variety of mediums.
Below are some of my recent design projects, as I continually grow as a designer.





Below you will find some of my recent works in web development.
Below you will find some of my recent works in web development.


Below you will find some of my recent campaign designs for social media.
For the past 8 years I have designed for Mazda, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge.
Along with designing within corporate guidelines, I also write copy and book and track social ad campaigns.


Working in the publishing industry, and being a former page editor/designer, I have a great appreciation for the art of print.
Each design is a combination of art and message, and every project is like a mini journey of design choices.
From size and type of stock, to the chosen art, to the choice of font and color(s), every project is unique.


Below you will find some of my recent responsive email design projects.
I have been asked, why do I like email design so much?
Quite simply, its probably the fastest way to reach a larger audience and meticulously track the viewers actions and conversion to sales.


Below you will find some of the various Facebook pages I have created, most of which have corresponding Instagram and Twitter accounts.


From who has the best pizza in the area, to the live streaming of high school football games.
Below you will find some of the online and print promotions I created, promoted and ran while at Digital First Media.


Over the years I have had the opportunity to work along side some wonderful people, and humbled by their kind words.

Chris Tierney is a very well organized guy. He has experience in all aspects of the digital marketing arena and keeps up with marketing trends in order to improve performance. He is a good communicator, knows how to manage time very effectively, and works well with others in the department.

Andrea Mendes
Director, Digital Sales

I worked with Chris for 6 years at The Sun. He was and is a very accomplished webmaster and developer. We had the pleasure of developing many revenue based projects for our sales departments. His knowledge of online, sales and systems makes him a very strong commodity…

Eddie R. Najeeullah
Regional Advertising Director at
Digital First Media – Massachusetts

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris for more than 15 years. Chris has been on the fore front with website designing, and digital ad building for Lowell Sun group for many years. Chris also took some lead roles when we were building our e-edition replica of the daily newspapers.

Michael Sheehan
Regional VP of Circulation for Northeast